Our time at the Festival in Agde – Agde au Fil du Temps


Written by Peter of Wardrobe

Last May 26 and 27, Agde had a special Festival to celebrate their History. The name of the festival is Agde au fill du temps (Agde over the years). It was the third annual festival. Agde au fill du temps is a weekend festival that celebrates Agde 2600 years of history. In this essay I’m going to write about how the festival was like, what my family and I did at the festival, and my favourite thing I liked about the festival.


Agde is the second oldest city in France, so that’s why the people of Agde are proud of their history. The entire city of Agde got together and helped out. The town was divided into 8 different time eras: Greek and Roman times, Vikings, Medieval times, Renaissance period, `Marine period, Gypsy period, Revolution and War times, Occitan, and Modern times. It was cool because in every time period they had real things that they actually used. For example, in the Revolution and war times, they had real guns that actually saw action. In the Roman and Greek times, they had real swords and bow and arrows. In some time periods like the medieval times, they had costumes, music and dances.



When we arrived, my family and I walked through the Renaissance area where they had costumes, music, dancing and old instruments. Next we went to the medieval area. There was a stand that sold wooden toys that had swords, shields, bows and arrows, and crossbows. I thought the toys were cool. My brother liked the crossbow a lot, so mom and dad bought it for his birthday. The crossbow came with two arrows and could be adjusted so it would shoot further. We then walked a little bit further down the road till we saw a rock shop. It had all of the rocks you could think of. The rocks were a little bit bigger then a pebble. They had red rocks, green rocks, blue rocks, grey rocks, black rocks.




Next we walked to the Viking area. There were little tents and some things that the Vikings used, like weapons and food. We walked a little bit further and saw a tent where we could shoot a real bow and arrow. It was one euro for three arrows, so we bought three arrows. I shot all three arrows in the middle of the target.









The two pictures above was taken at the Greek and Roman Era part of the Festival.

We walked a bit further down the road and saw a pirate show. There were 9 actors acting out the show. In the show they showed us how to salute, how to fight, and how to block. After that they asked who wanted to join them.  My brother and I joined them with a lot of other boys . They gave us toy swords and taught us how to flight, then we got to fight against each other. It was fun.




To conclude, Agde au Fil du Temps is a great festival which celebrates the 2600 years of Agde’s history. My family and I did a lot of fun things. My favourite part about the festival was shooting the bow and arrow. I had a really good time and hope I can return.

IMG_3435 IMG_3432 IMG_3428IMG_3424IMG_3413



Painting in the Renaissance Era


Learning how to write calligraphy in the Renaissance Era


Walking through the Viking Era


Watching dancing at the Medieval Era

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One Response to Our time at the Festival in Agde – Agde au Fil du Temps

  1. scout says:

    Man, I wish I’d been there for that, sounds great! I’ve always wanted to try calligraphy. And sword fighting… (devil) Great post!

    P.S. Nice shooting!

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